asining key board commands to different keys?


Hello all,

I am not at all sure how to explain what I want to do but I am going to try.

Jaws has a Key stroke “Insert Num pad 8” Which in the keyboard help says that it “JAWSKey+UpArrow
Says the current line.”

This key stroke in my time collection program reads the job and job type.


What I want is exactly what this is doing but, I want to make a different set of keys do this action. I want to keep my fingers off the number pad.

I would prefer something like Ctrl Shift J.

And if possible make this only apply to one program.

Can I do this?
If so I want to do the same thing to the “insert numpad7” JAWSKey+Home
Says the text from the beginning of the line up to the active cursor.


Can I mimic the behavior of these key strokes with different keys?


Thanks a lot!


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