Re: Programming Language

Paul Martz <skewmatrix@...>

I would say that both python and C++ are accessible programming languages - that is, blind programmers can use either. The thing that makes it accessible is the text editor and the screen reading software that you use.

However, one thing I want to warn you about regarding Python. The syntax of the language is indentation-dependent. You need to be able to check for proper indentation of each line. This is something that sighted programmers can do at a glance, but I feel it is more tedious for a blind person to do.

You can do user interface controls (GUI controls) using either language. Python has some kind of module that you include, and C++ interfaces easily with Qt. I know that the user interface created by C++ and Qt can be made accessible to blind end users. Personally, I've ran into some issues with Python user interfaces, but haven't tried to create one myself, so I don't know whether the interface was not accessible due to programmer error, or some inherent flaw in Python user interfaces.

If I sound like I'm recommending C++, it's probably because that's the language I'm most familiar with. Sometimes, using the development environment that you're most familiar with is the best solution. 

I am very low vision due to a progressively worsening eye disorder, and I just want to add one more comment. I've found it very difficult to transition from programming as a sighted person to programming as a blind person. I believe this is because I have learned programming using my eyes, not my ears. Never, in all my years of school and employment, did I ever hear a programming language read out loud to me. Now, as a blind person today, hearing a screen reader read a segment of code is almost nonsensical to me. It's as if the wiring in my brain doesn't exist that would understand spoken code. It's very frustrating. It's like I need to learn programming all over again. I hope you don't run into problems like this. I think, if you learn from the start to program as a blind person, you should not have this kind of issue.

I wish you the best of luck with your project.

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