Programming Language

Annabelle Susan Morison

Hi, it's Annabelle.
I hope that some of you fellow JAWS members might have an easy solution to this problem I'm having. I am a beginner at computer programming, and I want to make a program with a language that is not only accessible to screenreaders like JAWS, but is universal across Mac and Windows operating systems. I want to learn how to program things like buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, paragraphs, textboxes, sections, comboboxes, listboxes, tree views, progress bars, scroll bars, list views, and sliders. I'd like to try the C++ Programming Language, recommended to me by my friend, Markus Johnson (Yes, that's "Markus" with a "K", and not a "C"), but I'm not sure how to configure codes for things like buttons, checkboxes, listboxes, comboboxes, hotkeys, and radiobuttons. Do I just write these codes in a plain text editor like Notepad? I'm confused on this one! But another friend of mine, Marc-Pierre Verge, tells me I should use Python. Now I'm really confused! Which language would you recommend? The program that I'm making is an app that I like to call "Ceremony Script Generator". This is an app that contains fillable forms, then generates a finished script in paragraphs and sections. There are different ceremonies for which customers can design a script with wordings of their choice. Basically, with this program, you can generate scripts for Wedding ceremonies, Baptism/dedication/christening/naming ceremonies, and funeral ceremonies/memorial services. In this Email, I will attach an example of a ceremony I've made. This Email will also contain part of my soon-to-be program. Here are some examples of the App I want to make. These are in HTML, but I want to learn how to code them in a different programming language. If you open these in a plain text editor like Notepad, you'll be able to see the source code I've made. One thing I'd like to learn is how to hide a textbox ("Last Name For Couple") and show two other textboxes ("Last Name For Spouse 1" and "Last Name For Spouse 2") when a checkbox ("The Couple Plans To Use The Same Last Name After Marriage") is unchecked, and vice versa when the checkbox is checked. And here is an example of what I want to generate in paragraphs and sections when customers complete all the steps. Read the source code in either a web browser or a plain text editor, and you'll see what I'm trying to generate. I don't want to create a program for running on a website, but I want to create a program that runs within the operating system.

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