Re: Using JAWS to download book from Audible.Com

paul lemm



You need to  download the audible  manager from there website, that will allow you to then download the book you have purchased.  I haven’t used it for ages since I use the audible app on my IPhone to listen to all my audible books since I find it very accessible and with lots of features. If you do use the audible manager though I think from memory it asks when you install it how you will listen to the file, it may have a victor stream option on there, if not I think you can just choose to download it directly on to your PC and then transfer  it manually to your victor stream from there.  As I said though if you’ve got an iPhone I’d definitely recommend trying the audible app, I don’t have an android though so don’t know if the app is on that or not




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Sent: 24 August 2017 07:33
Subject: Using JAWS to download book from Audible.Com


I just signed up for, and purchased (free trial actually) my first book.  I see it on the Audible web site in my library, and a button to play it from there, at least I assume that is what the button does.


Instead, I want to download it into my laptop so I can transfer it into my Victor.  How do I download my book from Audible using JAWS?


Tim Ford


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