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Hi Roger;
Further to the windows mail registry tweak;
You don't have to go into the registry at all.
The files are provided,
You simplely enter on a particular,
For example;

Add some missing entries to the registry. Click on the two files "Set
WinMailDefault.reg" and "WinMailEdit.reg" will take care of this for you.
Each time you add entries to the registry from a .reg file, you will receive
a warning which makes sure that you trust the source and a message
asking"Are you sure you want to continue?". Assuming that you do in fact
trust the source and wish to complete this procedure, make sure to select
the "Yes" button.

Hope this is helpful and explains a little more.

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Hi Roger;

Another thing you can do is;
If your using windows 7 for example;

Go into control panel,
P=programs and features,
W=windows live essentials2011,
Now press applications key, and enter on uninstall/change button, You should
find a button, Repair all Windows Live programs

Try this.

This should fix your current problem.

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I am tempted to subscribe to that list, but I am drowning in email as it is
and I am having a particularly difficult time reading it right now anyway.
That is, I am reading on the web. My WLM is completely crashed. When I try
to open it I just get a notice that it has stopped working and I am given
abutton to click so that it can close and search for a solution on line.
When I do that it just closes. I do not want to mess with the registry. I do
not have enough technical knowledge to do so and those instructions largely
did not even make sense to me because of my ignorance. If anyone would ruin
his system by messing with the registry I would be one of the most likely to
do so. I have tried uninstalling my WLM and reinstalling it and that did not
work. So, short of refiguring my registry, is there any way that any of you
can suggest to just get my WLM working again?

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Hello Tom;
First thank you for the kind words.
I do understand your frustrations with WLM, FS could really rectify this
problem by labeling the graphics, And, providing some scripts which would
alleviate the problem folks are having with the client.
Although the research it feature may be a good tool for some, I really think
we need to start shouting a little louder so FS may get the message.
Regarding windows mail,
Yes it does sound sort of daunting for those who really don't want to be
messing with the registry tweak, however, it really isn't that difficult, if
you follow, the steps.
Yes, the windows mail has the OE feel, and, it's very simple to use,
However, as I indicated, some folks after performing the registry tweak, had
problems downloading and installing the windows 7 service pack 1.
I'm not entirely sure what the issue was, all I do know is, it was talked
about on other lists.
Unfortunately, because I provide adaptive training here in Canada, I try to
learn the most used email clients, outlook, WLM, I do run a yahoo list,
Which pertains to screen readers and email clients, If anyone wishes to join
you can send a email to:

I hope I've ansered some of your concerns.

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Thanks very much, David.

This seems cumbersome, but is certainly better than nothing.

I am not sure I'
m liking Windows Live Mail very much, for this and a few other reasons.

I know some folks on the list are suggesting that we go to something called
Windows Mail for an e-mail interface that is more like the earlier Outlook
Express in Windows XP, but I am not sure how accurate this is, how difficult
it would be to do, and when I'd get the time to do it. However, it might be
worth considering.

If you have any thoughts on this, I'd certainly welcom them.

Thanks for your help with this current issue. Once again, I really
appreciate your being out there.

Tom Behler from Michigan

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Hello Tom;

If you're using the 2011 version of windows live mail, then the graphics
which indicate unread, attachment, etc are not labeled by default.

However, you can label these

:1. Open windows live mail.

2. Normally, Jaws is set not to read any unlabeled graphics. To temporarily
change this behavior/setting so that it reads them, so that you can find
them and label
them: press insert+v to open the adjust jaws options dialog;or, in
it's now refered to as, quick settings.
press the letter "G" until you hear jaws announce Graphics - labeled; press
spacebar to cycle to the next option for this setting which is graphics
all, and then press enter to activate the default close button.

3. When jaws reads a message in the message list, it now reads each
unlabeled graphic as graphic followed by a number, and these all occur
before the senders name. What you will need to determine is, what is the
number graphic corresponding with, unread, attachments.

4. To label a graphic, move to a unread message in the list which is unread,
that is jaws says graphic and the graphic number when reading it; press
insert + numpad minus to route the jaws cursor to the pc cursor - this
places the jaws cursor at the beginning of the senders name; press left
arrow till you
get to graphicXXX press insert + g to open the graphics labeler
initial focus is a label edit box, with the text graphic xxx selected; type

unread, and then press enter to activate the default ok button.

5. Repeat step 4 to label any other unlabeled graphics that you want to
6. If you close and reopen windows live mail, the jaws setting for reading
graphics will have returned to just reading labeled graphics.

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Hi, all.

On this new laptop with Windows 7, I am currently trying to use Windows Live

As some of you may know, this is a real switch from the much more
blind-friendly Outlook Express e-mail program I used to use wwith my old
Windows XP laptop.

Anyway, I am finding that when I access my g-mail through Windows Live Mail,
there is no way to tell which messages are unread. My sighted wife tells me
that the unread messages are marked in bold, but Jaws is not reading this
for me.

Is there any good way to note unread messages in Windows Live Mail and

I am using Jaws 11 here.
Thanks for any help anyone can provide.

Tom Behler from Michigan

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