Re: how do you copy into the jaws clipboard a web address

Dani Pagador

Thanks, Mike.
I was using the Insert+F1 keystroke, then copying the address from the
page that popped up. There's a line that says: The address of the
current page is ..."

I'm sure your way is much faster. I'll definitely try it.

About your sig line, I laughed out loud and agreed. But ... as a
woman, I think that's what it's like to argue with a man. *smile*

More Later,

On 8/14/17, Mike B. <mb69mach1@...> wrote:
Hi Hank,

Instead of using the, Jaws + A, keystroke, try these keystrokes. Press the,

F6, key to highlight the address bar, now press, control + C to copy it to
the clipboard. the keystroke, Alt + D, will work the same way. Both
keystrokes highlight the whole address bar so you don't have to select it,
it's already selected, so after copying just paste it wherever you want.
After using either of these keystrokes press the, F6 key, to get off the
address bar.
Take care. Mike. Go Dodgers!
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I am really hoping someone can help me out. on any web site, after I press
the Jaws key combo with the letter “A” key to read to myself the current web

address I am located on, how do I copy this particular web address I am on
into my jaws clipboard to paste later say in a word document?

Any help with this would be so very much appreciated! Much, much thanks in
advance for any help I can maybe get with this!!

Jaws 18 user,



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