Re: Problems in using Excel 2016 with JAWS 18 & 17

brian albriton

I’ve been having this problem and so far, it has gone away while using jaws 16. Since I’m in windows 7, I don’t think I’m missing too much by not using jaws 18 for the moment.

Best, Brian



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Subject: Re: Problems in using Excel 2016 with JAWS 18 & 17


It is happening to a lot of jaws users around the world. Solution?

No idea, but It has been happening to me since weeks ago, more often using jaws 18. However I fixt this problem running narrator, open the task view, and shuting down jaws and all jaws components. Like this I don’t need to restart my computer.



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Subject: Re: Problems in using Excel 2016 with JAWS 18 & 17


Hi Sameer,


This is similar to what I am experiencing. I think in my case this started last Monday or Tuesday. I know I used Excel and Outlook last week Saturday (August 12) because I use Excel and Outlook all the time throughout the day at my business. Then I can’t remember if it was Monday or Tuesday I opened one of my Excel files I work in almost every day, it has 3 summary sheets in the front and then a sheet for each day of the month where I record the sales figures from the zReport produced by my point of sale system. I opened the file and as usual pressed Control+Page Down to advance to the next sheet and Excel crashed, the message said the program was not responding and needed to close I think. I just thought it was one of these occasional crashes, I reopened the file and it happened again. I rebooted the computer and it kept on happening either when I changed sheets or even when I simply wanted to edit the content of a cell. I asked one of my sighted employees to take a look, we turned off Jaws and I could do everything without any issues. Interestingly enough the last Jaws 18 update was I think on July 11 and all I can think of is that maybe there was an Office update which broke something. Of course to make this even more complicated I don’t have this problem on my Windows 10 laptop when I use the same file, but I do have it on multiple Windows 7 desktops at my store.

I did a Jaws repair without any success and yesterday I took the time to completely remove Office 365 which I use and which install the Office 2016 applications on my PC, I also deleted all folders in the AppData folder which had to do with Office, Excel, Outlook or other Office programs. I then reinstalled Office 2016 from my Office 365 Small Business Premium subscription and afterwards opened Excel, loaded the file and it instantly crashed the first time I tried to change sheets.

On top of that I can’t use Control+Y any more in Outlook to change to a different mailbox or account, this one crashes Outlook even on my Windows 10 laptop. If, however, I use Control+Shift+Tab to go from the Inbox into the folder list and then go to a different folder or a different email account’s Inbox it is fine.

I spoke to Microsoft Accessibility and easily showed them after the agent connected to my PC how Excel crashes with Jaws 18 running and not if Jaws is not running and also how Outlook crashes when I use Control+Y, at this point they had no suggestions as to what causes this.

Tomorrow I will call Freedom sCientific and show them although I don’t think it’s strictly Jaws related, I have a feeling it’s some weird interaction between Jaws and maybe an Office update which causes this.

It would be good to hear from others who run Jaws 18 and Office 2016 both on Windows 7 and Windows 10 computers to see if they experience this as well.





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Subject: Problems in using Excel 2016 with JAWS 18 & 17



Dear List Members,


I have been facing problems in using Excel with JAWS since last Thursday (17/08/2017) & seek your kind assistance in solving them.


I am using a 64-bit desktop computer with Windows 7 as my operating system. I am using an original licenced version of Office 2016. Currently three versions of JAWS – 15, 17 & 18 are installed on my computer with JAWS 18 being my default version.


Until Thursday evening, everything was working fine without any problems. Since then, Excel hangs up whenever I try to work in it with either JAWS 17 or 18. If I work in Excel with JAWS 15, it works perfectly. All other Office 2016 products – Word, Powerpoint etc work properly irrespective of the JAWS version being used.


I have completely uninstalled all versions of JAWS including user settings & shared components but the problem continues after reinstallation of JAWS.


My computer engineer has verified that the Office 2016 software is properly installed & updated to the latest version. All Add-ins & unnecessary toolbars have been removed from Excel.


Kindly suggest how I can get Excel working properly with JAWS 17 & 18.


Thanking all in advance for any & all suggestions.



Mr. Sameer Latey
Mumbai, India

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