Problems in using Excel 2016 with JAWS 18 & 17


Dear List Members,
I have been facing problems in using Excel with JAWS since last Thursday (17/08/2017) & seek your kind assistance in solving them.
I am using a 64-bit desktop computer with Windows 7 as my operating system. I am using an original licenced version of Office 2016. Currently three versions of JAWS – 15, 17 & 18 are installed on my computer with JAWS 18 being my default version.
Until Thursday evening, everything was working fine without any problems. Since then, Excel hangs up whenever I try to work in it with either JAWS 17 or 18. If I work in Excel with JAWS 15, it works perfectly. All other Office 2016 products – Word, Powerpoint etc work properly irrespective of the JAWS version being used.
I have completely uninstalled all versions of JAWS including user settings & shared components but the problem continues after reinstallation of JAWS.
My computer engineer has verified that the Office 2016 software is properly installed & updated to the latest version. All Add-ins & unnecessary toolbars have been removed from Excel.
Kindly suggest how I can get Excel working properly with JAWS 17 & 18.
Thanking all in advance for any & all suggestions.
Mr. Sameer Latey
Mumbai, India

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