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N K Shackelford

Hi, Mike:
This control Shift 8 doesn't work for me with Windows 7 and Word 2013; I got the settings changed in only one document, and the others are still the same with paragraph markers and space markers read between each word and line. I couldn't find a "View in that options menu, but then I didn't find a Tools menu exactly. Any other help appreciated.

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I followed your steps, but all your "uncheck" items were unchecked. There was another one you did not list - object anchors - and this one was checked, so I unchecked it. This seems to have solved the problem. I am nervous about saying it is fixed, but it seems that way. If not, I'll be back to say so. Otherwise, thanks so much for your help.

Thanks to the many others who also gave solutions. I really appreciate it.


Dr. Marilyn Bland - Dallas,  Texas

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Marilyn, for Word 2010 (or you can at least get an idea where to go if you're not using 2010):

press alt, then f for the file ribbon, then t for the options dialog.
type d or arrow to select the display category and press tab until you get to the show these formatting marks on the screen section.
make sure the following are unchecked (press the spacebar to check or uncheck and continue to tab to the next setting):

Tab characters check box
Spaces check box
Paragraph marks check box
Show all formatting marks check box

the last one, the all checkbox, is important to uncheck.
keep pressing tab to and spacebar on the ok button.

now JAWS shouldn't be announcing these marks any longer.

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are you using Word, what version?

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Hello all,

Please help - I was working in my document and I'm not sure which keys I pressed, but now after each word JAWS speaks, I hear "space marker" word "space marker" word "new line" word etc

By this I mean that after each word JAWS speaks, it indicates audibly that there is a space, as well as indicating when it is gon to a new line.

I have no idea how I turned this on, and equally, no idea how to turn it off again. I am working on a document I need to finish urgently, but cannot work properly with this feature on.

Thank you in advance for any help with this - what is the feature called, and how can I turn it on and off - I realize it can be valuable, but just not now.

Dr. Marilyn Bland - Dallas, Texas

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As nice as guy as Paul is I have to agree with him.
Denver Dale

Denver Dale

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I suspect something broke in Jaws,. If you have already tried to restart your computer and it’s continuing to behave this way, you may have to repair your Jaws installation.

If you have the installer for Jaws, simply run this file, and you will be able to repair Jaws in the resulting wizard.
I hope this helps.
Paul Sandoval

On Aug 16, 2017, at 5:26 PM, Shirley Tracy <stracy5@...> wrote:

Hi all,

Problem: This afternoon I tried using my personal banking spread sheet which I created on Excel. I got the strangest message saying something about the Braille drive cannot be opened because Freedom Scientific does not recognize its authenticity. I don’t use Braille so closed out and tried again. This time I got a message that the program (meaning Excel) is not responding and must be closed. Apparently, I cannot use it. Every time I open it, I get the same message. Need suggestions!

Shirley Tracy


N K Shackelford
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