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I have had this same problem.
This may not help you but I used the Navigation Quick Key c to find the combo box for entering state/province then tabbed to other known fields of the form I was filling.
These days I use the link list function to click on my intended link.
JAWS often speaks one link name but sends me to some other link--usually just before or just after the link I wanted.

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Subject: Need help with Delphi controls to read with Jaws

1) We already have a designed screen with labels and controls in Delphi
technology. While reading the application through the JAWS, it's not
reading out proper label which is next to control. (Ex: Combo Box, List

2) I tried to give the tab number in sequence to label and corresponding
control. Still it didn't work. JAWS reads some other label (which is not
next to the highlighted control) and highlighted control.

3) Sometimes Jaws reads the label places on top of the control and
sometimes not.

4) While designing new screen, I found a pattern that we need to first
place the control and next corresponding label for the control Then Jaws
reading properly.

Please refer the attachment for details.

Do we need to follow any pattern to read label and controls properly
with JAWS? It would be appreciable somebody would help me on this.



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