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Sorry to hear of these issues. Almost sounds like something more with Win 7 as restore points don't work and some of the issues you mention with MS accessibility desk. As I've just installed Office 2016 on my new Intel NUC (thanks for all your advice on that) will be interesting to follow your issue. I am using Windows 10 pro on that but do monitor any issues folks are having with office 2016.


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Hi Shirley,

I am having major issues on one of my Windows 7 work PC's with Office, in particular Outlook and Excel 2016 which are the two applications I use a lot. Both applications load, but if, for example, I press Control+Y in Outlook to go to a different folder or account then as soon as I press enter after going to said folder/account Outlook crashes.
If I use Control+Shift+Back Tab to go from the default Inbox to the folder list, then go to whichever folder or account I want and press enter say on that account' Inbox, Junkmail folder, delete items folder etc. it works.
Similarly in Excel everything is fine until I try to edit something or change sheets in a multy-sheet Excel file. If I press Control+Page Up or Control+Page Down or use Control+Shift+S to bring up a list of worksheets and go to a different one Jaws crashes/stops talking because Excel pops up with a message that something went wrong and the program has to close.
If I get rid of Jaws and get one of my sighted employees to change sheets or edit cells everything is fine.
I had two calls with Microsoft Accessibility today and unfortunately they were not able to help.
After one of the technical reps there agreed that I might want to try and do a System Restore to a few days ago (this all started happening yesterday out of the blue) I tried this. Windows 7 went through it's system restore process, rebooted and once I logged back in I received the message that system restore did not complete and no files or settings were changed. I tried several other restore points with the same result.
Interestingly enough when the agent first wanted to connect to my computer using the "MSDT" command at the run prompt nothing at all happened. Only after I rebooted the system this worked.
It seems something got corrupted somewhere, tomorrow I will first try to repair Office, if this doesn't help I might uninstall it and reinstall.
After that if I still have the problem I plan to remove Jaws entirely including user files and shared settings and then reinstall it and see if that helps.
If that also doesn't solve the problem obviously something is wrong on a more fundamental level, of course the fact that system restore doesn't work correctly would indicate it could be a Windows problem as well. If that is the case I guess I won't have much of a choice but to completely wipe the system, reinstall Windows, Jaws, Office, my accounting software, SQL and my store's point of sale system and so on; a major headache and at least 3 to 4 hours of work by the time I put back things like Acrobat Reader, Google Chrome, reinstall my printers and so on.
All of these other programs (my Sage 50 accounting, point of sale, IE and Chrome and so on seem to work just fine by the way, the problem seems to be limited to Outlook and Excel and maybe other Office programs, but I rarely use Word and so on.

Best regards,

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Thanks, Paul. I'm afraid I'll have to do that. Was hoping not. (frown). I'll do it tomorrow, as I've been playing with this for a couple hours. And yes, I rebooted the computer already with no luck.


Shirley Tracy

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