Re: Where's the Repair JAWS Option?

Bill White <billwhite92701@...>

Hi, Dani. It isn't within JAWS itself. It's in the installation program you used to install the most recent version of JAWS. Once you click the install program, you will need to press the "next" button a couple of times. Then you will be presented with a few buttons such as "modify JAWS", and "Repair JAWS". Choose the "Repair JAWS" option.

Bill White

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Subject: Where's the Repair JAWS Option?

Hi, Everyone.
I changed a few settings for Word2013 and now can't see any Braille,
except the cursor, on my display. JFW reads the document back, so I
know there's text onscreen. Changing the settings back to their
defaults and restarting the computer haven't helped.

I see Braille with everything else, though.

I think I may need to repair JFW, but can't remember where to find
this option. Can I get a memory jog, please?


I'm t

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