Re: convert an email message into an appointment with the Copy to Folder feature

Van Lant, Robin

I like the Control + Shift + Y shortcut.  You can also use the context menu on the message and select Quick Steps, then Make Into Appointment. 




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Subject: Re: convert an email message into an appointment with the Copy to Folder feature


Cool tip, thanks.


As a side note, the keyboard shortcut for opening the “copy item to” dialog is CTRL+SHIFT+Y. This just came up recently in the context of creating a new contact from an email message – you copy to the contacts folder, and the new contact dialog is populated with the sender info.




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Subject: convert an email message into an appointment with the Copy to Folder feature




It is easy to convert an email message into an appointment with the Copy to Folder feature in Microsoft Outlook. You can do it as following:


Step 1: Select and highlight the email message that you will convert to an appointment.


Step 2: Open the Copy Items dialog box:



• In Outlook 2007, please click the Edit > Copy to Folder.

• In Outlook 2010 and 2013, please click the Move > Copy to Folder in the Move group on the Home tab.


Step 3: In the Copy Items dialog box,


1) Select and highlight the Calendar in the Copy the selected items to the folder: box.

2) Click the OK button.


Step 4: Then an Appointment window opens,


1) Modify the start time in the Start Time box, and modify the end time in the End Time box.

2) Enter appointment location in the Location box.

3) Click the Save & Close button in the Actions group on the Appointment tab.


Then the selected email message is converted to an appointment. And you can find out the new appointment in the calendar that you specified in Step 3.

now, I assume to do this with jaws using the keyboard,


1, highlight the email which you wish to convert,

now, you may have to press the spacebar to highlight, but shouldn't be necessary,

2, press the applications key, up or down arrow and enter on,

move sub-menu,


3, now use up or down arrow and enter on,

calendar button,

note if you first don't see the calendar in the list, then choose other folder first, and then find calendar,

now enter on calendar,

and a different screen will come up.


hope this gets you pointed in the right direction.

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