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Hi Traci,


We use Blackboard Collaborate at the University where I work at and I have run into this issue myself. It has been reported to Blackboard as an issue but I don’t have any information on an ETA when it will be resolved.


The problem is caused by Collaborate only keeping one chat message “visible” to the screen reader at a time. I believe the intent was to provide better performance with less content on the page and also to eliminate the need for screen reader users to scroll through a long chat history. The downside is that the specific message that includes the link must be made visible to the screen reader before you can activate the link.




1.       Open the chat panel and set JAWS focus in the message field

2.       Press Shift+Tab and you should land on the chat navigation controls. Use the up/down arrow keys to move between the controls. Controls include first message, previous message, next message, and last message.

3.       Use the controls to move through the chat history. JAWS will read out the message now visible in the history each time you press a navigation control.

4.       When you hear the message that includes the link being announced press Insert+F7 to open the links list and activate the link


Aaron M. Page

Aaron M. Page



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My kids have to use BlackBoard Collaborate for school and the teacher uses Google Forms for an Exit Ticket at the end. How can we access the link - it is usually put in the PPT slide, pasted in a text box and put in the chat box... but we haven't figured out how to get to it yet! 



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