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Pablo Morales

Hi Richard and all,

My problem is that the accessibility department doesn’t want to do this. They don’t apply headings on word documents. They just do not understand why headings hierarchy are important. I have been in this battle for a few years. The other problem is that for some reason, other reason that I don’t want to know. My school published the titles and ISBN of the books required a few days, and my classes starts tomorrow.

I will hire someone to do this. I was looking if you guys know any company able to do this.

Thanks any way,



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I'm sorry you are in this situation.

does your school have a Disabled Student Services office?

Are they not able to help more?

Otherwise, it sounds like you would have to hire someone to do this manually since the publisher did not provide you with a good version with the headings. That is simply awful.



On Aug 12, 2017, at 7:01 PM, Pablo Morales <pablocmd2014@...> wrote:

A software is not able to do this. Let me try to describe  the situation. The publishers sent me these books,(they are not in bookshare). These books visually have main titles, subtitles, and other type of format or fonts that identify what are the hierarchy of titles and points in these books. They are not tagged. So converting these books to word is not a choice, copying and pasting is not a choice either, each book is over 800 pages, and I have no time or way to know which is a heading level 3 or heading level 2. I need someone telling me if a heading in the PDF is parent or child of a previous title.

More over, for some reason that I don’t want to know. Publishers now likes to add text boxes on the sides of the pages with complementary information, or notes,  or just tips related with the topic in those chapters. Keeping the format is no the solution because the way how the screen reader will read it is going to be so confusing. I need take those text boxes at the end of the chapter, I need those notes as bookmarks that are link with points in the chapter.

All of these require human intervention.

Should be someone on the world able to do this. How companies modify Policies  documents or documentation that is not available in word?

How disable people do these?

Copying and pasting, or depending of bookshare, or using text conversion software?

No come on guys, How many of you are going to school.

Do you get your books from bookshare?

You tag your documents manually?

How do you handle text boxes on the sides of the pages in these cases?

For how long you have to work on that.



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The Codex program will allow you to convert to epub and that format will hold your formatting, if there is any.  Also, if you know how to navigate through headings and such, you can also save the books to .docx. 


On 8/12/2017 7:44 PM, Pablo Morales wrote:

Hi all,

I am starting this semester, and I have bunches of books in PDF. According with the publishers the books are accessible because jaws is able to read the text. However I find that these books are a mess when I try to read them with a screen reader.

  • The Pdf files don’t have any type of heading, so I can’t know which is a main title or a subtitle.
  • On the book are text boxes on the sides of the chapter information. The screen reader reads the text from both parts at the same time so I have no way to know which is the text that I should be reading. It makes the reading experience very confusing.

Anybody know a company  that will be able to prepare this document as a word document, in the correct order, with the correct headings on titles and subtitles?

It is urgent guys,

Thanks in advance for any help.




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