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Well, have you checked that your books are not available on Bookshare?
Or, try the Codex utility and see what you get.

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On Aug 12, 2017, at 5:26 PM, Pablo Morales <pablocmd2014@...> wrote:

No, on the PDF files are not headings as tags. Visually the titles look like a main title or a sub title, but they are not tagged.



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You might try this utility called Codex, to see if it will convert from PDF to word. But if there are truly no headings in the PDF, it probably cannot create them.





On Aug 12, 2017, at 5:02 PM, Drew Hunthausen <dhunthausen@...> wrote:

Does your college have any support for text book format at the DSS center if there is one? I know when I was in college a few years ago they would take the text from the publisher if there was one and format it.


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Hi all,

I am starting this semester, and I have bunches of books in PDF. According with the publishers the books are accessible because jaws is able to read the text. However I find that these books are a mess when I try to read them with a screen reader.

  • The Pdf files don’t have any type of heading, so I can’t know which is a main title or a subtitle.
  • On the book are text boxes on the sides of the chapter information. The screen reader reads the text from both parts at the same time so I have no way to know which is the text that I should be reading. It makes the reading experience very confusing.

Anybody know a company  that will be able to prepare this document as a word document, in the correct order, with the correct headings on titles and subtitles?

It is urgent guys,

Thanks in advance for any help.





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