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What happens if you press Alt+tab and then holding the Alt key press tab again?
It sounds to me like you have more than just your browser and Excel open and therefore you have to continue to press tab until you get to where you want to be.
Alternatively if Jaws is the third application that is open, go into Jaws settings, select "Options" and "Basic", then tab 5 times and check the checkbox that says "Run Jaws from System Tray".
Now either reboot your computer or close Jaws with Insert+F4 and reload it, Jaws will now no longer have it's own Window.
I don't know why Jaws doesn't make this the default by now when you install Jaws, I really wonder how many people run Jaws the normal way where it has its own Window, for me putting Jaws in the system tray is always the first thing I do when I have to do a fresh install. Insert+J gives you instant access to the Jaws menu if you really need it, but I mean once Jaws is set up properly, how often does one need to go there.


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Probably. The thing is, I never used it. Didn't even think of it. (smile). Thanks.


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