Off topic, accessible books,

Pablo Morales

Hi all,

I am starting this semester, and I have bunches of books in PDF. According with the publishers the books are accessible because jaws is able to read the text. However I find that these books are a mess when I try to read them with a screen reader.

  • The Pdf files don’t have any type of heading, so I can’t know which is a main title or a subtitle.
  • On the book are text boxes on the sides of the chapter information. The screen reader reads the text from both parts at the same time so I have no way to know which is the text that I should be reading. It makes the reading experience very confusing.

Anybody know a company  that will be able to prepare this document as a word document, in the correct order, with the correct headings on titles and subtitles?

It is urgent guys,

Thanks in advance for any help.



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