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Ok, I just or my wife just figured it out. Lol, it's the fn key with the
function key five.

I still want my hp back, though. Now we can get back to jaws. lol

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Hello there;

Look in your system tray and see if you have, Synaptics Pointing Device If
so, Enter on properties, Shift tab to buttons tab, Right arrow to, device
settings, Now tab and enter on disable.

Another way is to;
From the start menu edit field,
Type in mouse,
Now enter on mouse,
You actually will probably see,
Change how your mouse works
Control the computer without the mouse or keyboard So choose mouse, And the
steps above apply.

I have the mouse pad disabled,
However, I do have an entrie in the system tray just in case I need some
sighted assistance, I can activate the mouse pad.

Hope this helps.

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I got this new del latitude machine. Does anyone know how to disable the
touch pad via a keystroke instead of the control panel route?

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