Re: Jaws vs NVDA

Don H

The access 32 speech syn is also available that is a much better voice than the default voice

On 8/9/2017 9:06 AM, Richard Turner wrote:

The default voice is awful.

But, for basic tasks, if you have Windows 10, change the synthesizer to SAPI 5 and you will have either David or Hazel I think, which are good voices.

The keystrokes are much like Jaws.

The way it handles the mouse is very different.

I use it as my backup screen reader when Jaws (or in its day, Window-Eyes) lock up.

It takes very few resources.





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I’d never heard of NVDA screen reader until just recently …… I have only heard of and used Jaws.  I am curious and have quite a few questions but I’ll narrow it down to this one for now …… Is there much difference in the capabilities of what each screen reader can do regarding work and home use?  Thanks in advance for your input.






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