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OK, why not press from the desktop J two times and press enter, a lot easier
than trying to remember the weird version number and going to the rum menu.
I never make a hotkey because it changes with each version, but generally I
have no more than two, possibly 3 versions of Jaws. Once in a very great
while I might get the one I did not want but that is easily fixable once you
have some speech going.

Rose Combs

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Hi Cindy;

One way you can do this is,

Now type,
Jaws13 and press enter.

Another way is,
You can go to your desktop, windows+m, and if your certain there's no other
icon starting with j the letter "j", Then press j=jaws, Press enter.

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Subject: Another JAWS 13 question

OK, I restarted my Net Book and the installation continued and went very
quickly, this time.

After installing JAWS 13, I uninstalled JAWS 11, but left shared files and
settings. I restarted the computer after the installation was complete, but
JAWS 13 does not start automatically. I thought it would. I don't have a
shortcut key set to start it, yet. So, what's the easiest way to start JAWS
13 after the computer starts?


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