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Paul Martz <skewmatrix@...>

Replying to my own post here... I finally found the "Window Color and Appearance" dialog, which allows me to set the
font, size, bold, italics, etc, of icons and menus. This will allow my wife to set it to whatever she wants.

But I still believe the fact that a JAWS install changes these settings at all is an issue for Freedom Scientific to
investigate and resolve.

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Hi all. The latest JAWS 18.0.4104 seems to have affected the system font in Windows 7.

Let me explain. My sighted wife and I both have Win7 PCs, but we have JAWS on both PCs in case I need to do some
system admin stuff on her computer. Recently, I was on her computer, and JAWS prompted me to upgrade to the latest
After doing so, my wife sat down to use her computer, and immediately reported a change in the fonts - the icon name
under desktop icons, the names of menus in the menu bars of applications such as MS Word and Google Chrome, etc. I
had her come over and look at my PC, already on 18.0.4104, and she reported the same issue on my system.

Of course, with my crappy eyesight, I didn't notice any font change on either system. But I do have enough residual
that I can use ZoomText (from AISquared) to enlarge the fonts so that they are large enough for me to see. And they
fine to me, single-pixel width fonts as I would expect. Yet my (non-technical) wife complains of a change.

She says they look "lower resolution". She says the font size hasn't changed, the icon and menu names are the same
But she says the letters seems to be drawn thinner, they aren't as bold as they used to be, and as a result, they are
for her to see. Well, I am low vision, as I said, and my fonts have always appeared this way to me when I examine them

I'm left with the conclusion that my wife had somehow done some non-default customization to her system fonts, and
the latest JAWS somehow undid this customization. Unfortunately, just poking around in system settings, I did not
immediately find any controls that would affect system font appearance.

Okay, I know most JFW list readers are blind, so I'm not expecting to find Windows font experts on this list. LOL. But
perhaps someone at Freedom Scientific will read this post, and perhaps they know something about the issue, and how I
might go about restoring my wife's computer fonts to their previous state.

Thanks for any help.

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