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Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>

Keeping it in a text file or even a password protected Excel or file on the computer may be OK if you are just at home where you can access the information and if you only want to access it on your computer.

For me this wouldn’t work because I need not just passwords but as Pablo said other important information accessible at home as well as at my business on several computers and also want this access on my iPhone when I’m out and about.

I hear a lot of people use One Password or Lastpass, I started out with Roboform a very long time ago and it continues to work well for me. The iOS app is also very accessible and you can store passwords, bookmarks (which are not password protected), SafeNotes which can be long notes and it even has a contact section which I don’t use.

The Roboform Everywhere service costs a bit, but it’s not expensive, maybe $20 a year or so and a while back they had a special where I think it was $75 for 7 or 8 years.

Many website you can open right from Roboform, if, for example, I want to log in to my online banking I press Insert+F11 to bring up the system tray icons, type
R” for Roboform and press enter, this opens a context menu, I arrow to logins, then right arrow to open it, type “S” which takes me to “Scotia Bank” and when I press enter I enter my Master password, then the passcard opens the website, automatically fills the fields with my bank card number and password and submits the form.


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Subject: Re: accessible password manager


I have heard of this but never really read up on it too much as I’ve been doing my method for so many years, I cannot imagine the work in migrating to this process. Did you begin with this or go to it after some time?




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I use 1password.

Fully Jaws acessible. Same with their iOS app if you use that platform. They have an android app, but as I don’t use android, I couldn’t tell you as far as accessibility.

I pay for the family plan as I have my wife and parents and sister on it as well. Everyone’s happy with it.



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Subject: accessible password manager


Hi all,

Any suggestion about a good password manager. I don’t know if this kind of software is called like that, but I am looking a software that allow me to store users names, passwords, but also other information like account numbers, credit card numbers. So should be something that manage passwords, but also other  kind of personal information.

Thanks for any advice regarding this software.


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