Re: Installing Jaws on a Windows 10 mini PC.

Shane clark

Hi Joseph,

Thanks for getting back to me. Now, when you say I would have to activate it, do you mean just calling up Freedom Scientific, and having them help me with that, or how would that work?

Also, I've seemed to have lost your reply regarding how to know whether Jaws will install on the mini PC. Could you please tell me again what I would have to look for before purchasing the device?

Thanks, Shane.

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On August 3, 2017 1:06:39 PM "Shane clark" <> wrote:

Hello everyone,

So a friend of mine and I were talking a little earlier this morning, about
Kodi. And I told him that I use it primarily on my Windows 10 laptop, as
their screen reader does not work on other platforms. He then told me, of a
Mini PC that Windows makes, that you could hook up to your TV, and install
Kodi on it. So I was wondering is there a possible way to be able to
install Jaws on there as well? The Mini PC that I'm talking about, I guess
would be similar to an Android set-top box, that you plug into your TV, and
you can watch TV through Kodi or I guess any other app that it may offer.

Freedom Scientific told me, and she was just making an educated guess here,
that she didn't think that it would be possible to install Jaws, so I'm not
really sure. What do you guys say?

Thanks for any and all input, Shane.

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