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Kevin Hourigan <kevinthourigan@...>

I am not getting the add to contacts option in my context menu , I have to
select and copy the address, and pres control shift C to get the create a
contact dialog; Win 10, Jaws 18, Outlook 2016.

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Just to add to these completely correct instructions I do the same thing
except that I usually use the Jaws cursor to go up to the "From" field, then
put the cursor somewhere on the address and then I right click which brings
up the same context menu with "Add to Outlook Contacts" as one of the
This will already populate the name and email address, depending on how the
person has their account set up you may have to edit the name, e.g. it may
show up as "Smith, John" but you may want to put "John Smith".

Sieghardcan only

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give the following a try;

1, enter on the message of a contact you wish to add,

2, now shift+tab until you hear;
we'll use this email as an example;
from:; on behalf of; Paul Martz <skewmatrix@...
hold down shift key, and press the left arrow, you should hear; Paul Martz
<skewmatrix@... now press the applications key, up arrow enter on, add
to outlook contacts, now, press alt+s=save.
note you can go through the various criteria to make sure it's there, but,
you should have no problem.

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Subject: Quick add for Outlook contacts

Hi all. I'm looking for a quick way to add the sender of an open email
message to my contacts.

I'm getting this information for a friend of mine, who has Office 365 on a
Windows 10 system. I don't have access to such a setup, so I can't tinker
around to find a solution. If someone here can tell me how to do this, I'll
teach her how in our next tandem session. Thanks.

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