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Ben Humphreys <brhbrh@...>

Hi Laura,

it seems Win+D and Win+M are not exactly the same thing.

Win+D specifically shows the desktop but JAWS doesn't speak "Desktop" as it should

Win+M minimizes everything it can then JAWS speaks "Desktop"

You can definitively verify for yourself where Win+anything takes you using JAWS+q
This will announce the currently running program.

So, Win+D then JAWS+Q says shcore.dll
And Win+M then JAWS+Q says shell32.dll

So JAWS knows shell32 is desktop. But it doesn't know shcore.dll is also desktop.

Perhaps this "bug" was introduced in Windows 10 when Microsoft renamed shlwapi.dll to shcore.dll. We can see that Freedom at one time had the former speaking "Desktop" but has not updated it for the latter (see script file "Windows OS.jss")

So Win+M is going to give you the consistent results you're after until VFO fixes.

Hope this helps,



At 04:06 PM 7/31/2017, you wrote:
I understand that but it doesn’t seem normal for Jaws to randomly give me variations of what it says when I go to the desktop …… I’m just trying to find out why this is happening, as well as why every time I press insert + t Jaws says “documents” instead of “desktop”.



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Subject: Re: Jaws & desktop issues

It’s normal for Jaws to say folder view.
Try using windows m instead of windows d.

Hope this helps.

Pastor Gil

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Subject: Jaws & desktop issues


There are two issues I’m having regarding Jaws and my desktop which I’ll describe below …… Using Windows 10, Jaws 18, MS Word 2016.

When I go to the desktop by pressing windows + m Jaws will always say desktop folder view list view and the name of the icon that’s highlighted …… No problems with this.

When I go to the desktop by pressing windows + d I get a variation of what Jaws tells me:
*Sometimes it only says the name of the icon that’s highlighted (it does not say desktop or anything else, just the name of the icon)
*Sometimes it says “folder view list view” and the name of the icon that’s highlighted (but not desktop or anything else)
*Sometimes it says desktop 1 and something about shell something or another …… This one doesn’t happen as often as the other things Jaws says when I go to the desktop which is why I don’t have exactly what Jaws says.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason and I never know which one of these Jaws is going to say when I go to the desktop by pressing Windows +d.

The other issue is that no matter which way I go to the desktop, when I press insert + t Jaws always says “documents” …… This happens no matter what icon is highlighted.

Does anybody have any suggestions or answers as to why these things are occurring? …… Thank you for any help.


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