Re: Automatically open link in received email via Outlook 2016


I can’t help you with a macro or how you can do this automatically without being at the computer, but why not  use Jaws Key+F7 to bring up a list of links in the email and you can find “Accept” instantly by typing “a” or “acc” or it may even be the first link as the list is alphabetical.

Alternatively, use Jaws Find, Jaws Key+Control+F, type “accept” and press enter and it should land you right on the link.

Not sure if you can auto-activate links in an email, this might be considered very unsecure by Microsoft because of the potential of a virus.





From: [] On Behalf Of Cristóbal
Sent: Monday, July 31, 2017 1:16 PM
Subject: Automatically open link in received email via Outlook 2016


Hello list,

So, part of My business in tales accepting freelance assignments via email with a corresponding accept/reject link. These assignments are time sensitive and they’re pretty much first come, first serve.

A good description of what I’m looking for is contained in this forum thread link.

I’d like to have an automated action where as an email comes in the accept link is activated without me having to navigate to the email, open it, scroll down to locate the link and then click.

I’m in general pretty fast at this, but I still lose time when having to do all the steps above. Especially trying to get to the proper link. That’s also if I’m not at my computer and haven’t stepped away for this or that reason or if Jaws decides to at that time act all weird on me.

These emails can come in for a lot of Southern California. I’ve already filtered out areas that I don’t wish to cover and only receive emails for the areas I know I can do or get covered.

The thread referenced above talks a lot about scripting and macros and while I’m a pretty competent PC user in general, scripting, coding and macros are areas where I simply have no knowledge of.

Can anyone help me out either by pointing me in the direction to some resources on where I can learn about this stuff to where it doesn’t’ seem like hieroglyphics or perhaps help me out with this particular task?

The link above talks abut Outlook 2007, but I’m using V2016. Also a Jaws 18 user. My default browser is Firefox.

Any help would be appreciated.

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