Re: Touch screen vs non touch screen

Robert Logue

I tried a Dell with touch screen. It was helpful.  However, I didn't have a chance to use it with Jaws.; only Narrator.

I've since found out one can get the same functionality from a track pad if it has the Microsoft precision drivers.  The Dell had those and I noticed that moving around the track pad was a lot like working with the Windows touch screen.  This doesn't work on all touch pads.

I really wonder what it would have been like with Jaws but I had troubles with that laptop and didn't get Jaws installed.

I returned the Dell as it didn't suit my needs but it was fun to use touch with Windows for a while.

I would also like to know what the experience is like compared to Voiceover on iOS.


On 2017-07-30 9:28 AM, David & his pack of dogs wrote:

I am hoping to get a new Windows 10 computer.  I noticed some brands have a touch screen.  My question is, any advantage with a touch screen over the conventional screen on a lap top?  More specifically, does JAWS work well with the touch screen like the V O does on Apple products?  Or no difference. 

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