Re: jfw 18 64 bit - no voices playing

Stan Holdeman

I hope those more expert than me will respond to your problem, but I am guessing that your Magic has a 32 bit version of JAWS with it. Your 64 bit machine will require a 64 bit version of JAWS.


I am not sure how you can resolve this without being in touch with the Magic/Jaws support people.





From: [] On Behalf Of Tom Coburn
Sent: Sunday, July 30, 2017 5:12 AM
Subject: jfw 18 64 bit - no voices playing


Hello everyone,


My name is Tom. I am new here to the group this is my first message.


Last month, I purchased a copy of Zoomtext Fusion home edition,  which as you know includes Jaws 18. 


The problem i seem to be having is after successful installation, I bring up Jaws 18, but no speech.  


Jaws 18 seems to be working great on my 32 bit Windows  PC, but not the 64 bit PC's. 


Do you guys have any idea why that could be? VFO wants me to call them to troubleshoot the problem, but I can't because I work in a call center Monday thru Friday from 8am to 6pm Eastern Time, and no phones are allowed in there.  I know there tech support line is open until 7pm, but by the time i get home on the bus it is 7  :(   so i have no one to help me with this..


The real puzzling part to me, is VFO says I haven't used any of my activations yet. How can that be i've installed Fusion 11 on 3  computers and on each computer i put in the serial number & activation code that was given to me in email by VFO, they didn't send me no activation CD, so how can they not be showing activated on their end but showing activated on mine? that seems weird to me.


any help would be greatly appreciated as i'm about in tears over this fussing why the Jaws voices aren't speaking.  I hear sound,  just no Jaws voice..  


thanks,  I don't mind talking on the phone about it i just can't during work hours.  



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