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Hi Paul,

There is a good change the correct key stroke would have activate the mouseover and told you where to go. I am not saying this works always, but it usually does. You press Insert+Control+Enter, Jaws will say something like "Change at line 23", you then use "j", the jum command, and type in "23" to jump to line 23 which is where the other links start. I am often surprised how many people don't know about such an important and essential command for web navigation.
Here is an example how this looks/sounds like when I log into my credit card processor's website (I used the speech history to copy this):

* Reports on mouse over
* Terminal on mouse over - I press Insert+Control+Enter here and then hear the below:
change at line 13
Jump To Line dialog
Enter Line Number (1 to 46): edit - here I entered 13 followed by enter and then when I arrowed down I get the following links which a sighted user sees by hovering over the "Terminal" mouseover:
* Link Preauth
* visited Link Capture
* visited Link Purchase
* Link Void
* Link Refund

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I ran into a web site a couple years back that had mouse-over controls. They are frustrating.

This control, in particular, opened a menu when the user hovered the mouse. I found I could open the menu with the JAWS cursor, and I somehow managed to get to the menu options but don't remember the details.

Ultimately, I discovered that each of the menu options, when selected, took me to a unique URL. So my final solution was to simply bookmark the target URLs of each menu option. Rather than use the HAWS cursor to hover over the control and navigate to a menu option, I would simply select a bookmark, which turned out to be orders of magnitude more efficient.
It pays to be creative and think out of the box.

Maybe you can do something like that with your bank site?

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