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Laura Richardson

Thank you .. I forgot I could close a program through task manager .. This
information is very helpful to me if I come across the issue again of not
being able to close a program.

About a month or so ago I wasn't able to close Word or Outlook (don't
remember for sure which one) .. I asked for help on this list and was given
very easy to understand instructions on how to close a program through task
manager in Windows 10. Here are the instructions for this if you ever go to
Windows 10; go to task manager (control + shift + escape), arrow down to the
program you want to select and press tab to go through your choices.

Thanks again,

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This may sound over-simplified, but if you can not close IE11 with alt-f4,
the simplest way to do it is to close it from within the task manager. I am
running windows 7 so can not tell you how to do it if you are running
windows 10, but here is what I do.

press control-shift-escape.
Press shift-tab once and left or right arrow until it says processes tab tab
once and you are in the running files tasks list once you do this step once,
task manager will stay in this setting until you change it

type the letter i and if it does not land on iexplorer, arrow down until it
does press alt-e to end the program and answer yes or OK

This will close out the program. Press the escape and the task manager will

This may seem like a lot of steps if you haven't done anything like this
before, but it is easy and a small task worth remembering as it can come in
handy quite often.


On 7/27/2017 1:54 PM, Laura Richardson wrote:
I'm not glad you're having the same problem but I'm glad it's not just me.
This just started a few days ago but it doesn't happen every time ......
Frustrating ......


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I have the same complaint, and it is of recent onset.

Best from,


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During the past few days, when I enter on a link from a web site for a
specific page, sometimes I get a fairly long message saying something
about "the security of this site cannot be verified". When this
happens I cannot get it to go away; when I press alt + f4 or try to go
back to the previous page Jaws just keeps repeating this message.
This morning it happened again and I kept pressing alt + f4 about six
or seven times and finally it got me off the internet.

Sometimes this occurs and sometimes not. The web sites I'm speaking
of are ones that I've used regularly for a long time without any
problems .. This does not happen every time and does not happen on all web

One of the web sites is .. I go to this site, read the
three day local forecast, and then click on extended forecast".

Again, this problem does not occur every time and it does happen on
some other web sites. I'm using Jaws 18, Windows 10, and IE 11. Does
anybody have any thoughts on why this is happening? Any suggestions
are greatly appreciated.


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