Re: Which Antiviral Programs Now Work Best with JAWS?

Sieghard Weitzel <sieghard@...>

I also highly recommend to simply use Windows Defender which is already on your PC and as Randy says it works.

It won't shut off your computer, but to me that is not something I would even want it to do.


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Subject: Re: Which Antiviral Programs Now Work Best with JAWS?


Windows Defender. Works well does not get over active with blocking real programs and well, I dont get virus's so...
On 7/26/2017 9:37 PM, Rick Miller wrote:

Dear Listers:


I have decided I don’t like AVG anymore, as AVG now has notices totally graphical and also because AVG is too aggressive with what I have on my computer.  My payment period with AVG expires September 1, so before then I want to start using a new antiviral software, but I want to find one that works best with JAWS.  So that is why I am turning to you all—to find out which antivirus software works best with JAWS.  I will want a program which, after it is through scanning, will automatically shut my computer off.  That’s the one thing I have liked about AVG, but now the only thing.


I know JAWS used to not work well with Norton antivirus software.  Is that still true?




Rick Miller




Rick Miller



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