Re: Question about uninstalling an older version of JAWS

Mike Ulrich <mulrich@...>

Thank you sir, I’ve been pretty busy this morning, so I’m glad I finally had a chance to check back.

I’ll go forward with the uninstall right now.


BTW: I’ve just now noticed that when I hit F7 to spell check this email; no speel check happened. Then when I went into the menu bars, or virtual ribbons, any of the things listed in there didn’t give the Jaws short cut keyboard commands?


Then I opened up a word doc, and F7; spell check, worked flawlessly.


Any suggestions?



Thanks again!


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Subject: Re: Question about uninstalling an older version of JAWS


Hi Mike,


If I remember correctly, after JAWS17 any JAWS installation from version 15 and earlier will not allow version 17 and later  to run correctly. It is best and recommended to remove version 12completely. If you remove shared components it will affect the other versions; therefore, leave the shared components.


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Subject: Question about uninstalling an older version of JAWS


Hi, I just downloaded and installed J 18.0. So now I have J12, J16 and J18 on my laptop. I want to uninstall my J12. So when I went into programs and opened up J16, there was an option to uninstall. Then there was two options; to just uninstall Jaws, or to uninstall Jaws and shared components. Seeing as I have J18 on my laptop; should I select to uninstall just J12 or select to uninstall J12 and shared components?


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