Web sites issue

Laura Richardson



During the past few days, when I enter on a link from a web site for a specific page, sometimes I get a fairly long message saying something about “the security of this site cannot be verified”.  When this happens I cannot get it to go away; when I press alt + f4 or try to go back to the previous page Jaws just keeps repeating this message.  This morning it happened again and I kept pressing alt + f4 about six or seven times and finally it got me off the internet.


Sometimes this occurs and sometimes not.  The web sites I’m speaking of are ones that I’ve used regularly for a long time without any problems …… This does not happen every time and does not happen on all web sites.


One of the web sites is accuweather.com …… I go to this site, read the three day local forecast, and then click on extended forecast”.


Again, this problem does not occur every time and it does happen on some other web sites.  I’m using Jaws 18, Windows 10, and IE 11.  Does anybody have any thoughts on why this is happening?  Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.






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