Re: JAWS and bookkeeping and payroll software


I am and have been using Sage 50 which before it became Sage 50 was Simply Accounting for over 20 years. There are no scripts, but I am able to do pretty much everything, you have to use tab a lot and sometimes the Jaws cursor. I used to do payroll with it as well, but currently use a Payroll service so I don't have to do this any more.

I own a retail business selling outdoor and hunting gear and I use of course the General journal and I also use Suppliers, the Purchases and Payments journals and look at reports all of which can also be exported to Excel (pretty standard).

I print cheques with it and it works fine, but I am not happy with Sage Accounting as a company. I actually stopped using their payroll module because the annual cost for getting the latest update which included the current tax tables was way too expensive. I am in Canada and once I started using Payworks for doing my payroll I just stopped buying updates. I am currently using the 2014 version.

If I had to start from scratch I would most likely invest in the scripts for Quickbooks although it would be nice if their Online solution would be fully accessible.





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Subject: JAWS and bookkeeping and payroll software


Can anyone in the forum lend some advice on the most user friendly, fully accessible bookkeeping software that has payroll function?


Many thanks.



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