Re: windows 10 issues

Robert Logue

You won't like this but I think you should backup and do a clean reinstall.

You can use; reset this PC.

Don't use any registry cleaners like CCleaner.

Just use Windows Defender if you have the latest Windows.

Don't install any other AV till you get your system stabilized.

You can do the reinstall that keeps your files and only removes apps.  This will keep your user files mostly intact.  You may have to reset some folders in your user>apdata.  Fore example Thunderbird store identities there and reinstall TB writes over them. However you may have a backup.

Some web sites, even Google and Bing will say the connection isn't working and offer the repair function.  Sometimes just refreshing the page works.  Sometimes you need to reset your modem.

It seems to happen when the web is very busy.


On 2017-07-26 4:47 AM, marvin hunkin wrote:

Hi. Using jaws for windows a screen reader from and using windows 10 64 bit pro on a Toshiba satellite pro c-50-a, and a programming student and have a lot of apps, and don't want to have to rebuild all of them again. At least once a day or maybe more then that windows crhashes, or I get file explorer not responding or visual studio not responding, and so then I lose speech, and then windows crashes. So, have got the latest windows updates, latest windows 10 drivers for my Toshiba. Have got c cleaner and have it moniterring and have Avast anti virus free, and now some times on the system tray lose the Avast and c cleaner icon, and then on my internet connection, and with my republic in Australia says the windows communication is turned off and have to go in and trouble shoot and fix it at least once or twice a day. Don't want to have to do a reset and is there a program, that will save all my compiled and apps desktop, windows universal. And also is there any good accessible windows back up software, free, and does macreiner and eona work with jaws. Any help please. This is frustrating and then have to click on the recovered files in visual studio

2017 community. Any ideas. Thanks.

Just frustrating and then yesterday had to do a windows update trouble shooting, the windows update feature was disabled and did get one update, which was windows defender. Any help.


Thanks .


Marvin from Australia.

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