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I've been told that the only way Jaws can read in this situation is if the server that runs this program also has Jaws installed and the two link.
I've faced this issue at work with two other business partners for Workforce and Taleo hiring software and they weren't willing to install Jaws on their systems in fear of what it may do to their servers functionality
since they are shared systems.
I share your frustration.
The cursors seem to not move anywhere on the screen no matter how you move them.
Sorry to share bad news,
Dan Reid

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Fortunatly I dont have this issue. :) Does it interfere with your ability to use your PC?
On 7/25/2017 6:53 PM, marvin kotler wrote:
Good evening list; overlay windows 0 is not a jaws issue as far as I can tell.  I have also run across it with nvda.  I called Microsoft disability desk regarding this and was told nothing could be done about it; more or less; running jaws 18 and windows 10, latest editions of both.

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