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Sandra Streeter

To prime the pump a bit more—I know that, years ago, there were complaints about Chrome not meshing well with JAWS, and I wondered if most of the bugs have since been ironed out. Please continue to send comments—I’m interested.

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Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2017 7:31 PM
Subject: Re: Chrome questions

I know I'm not David and I am posting this to the list since others might want to hear it too.

Chrome works very well with Jaws for the most part. It is much faster than IE and I prefer it over Firefox for every-day use.

One thing which does not work well with Crhome is to create PDF documents from web pages using the print function and virtual PDF printers such as the "Microsoft Print to PDF" printer which is available in Windows 10 or in Windows 7 I use Nuance Power PDF. If you use one of these to create a PPDF from IE oir Firefox the resulting PDF is accessible and Jaws can read it. If you do the same thing from Chrome the PDF is an image and only accessible by using Convenient OCR.

The other issue I found is that for me on a few websites Chrome does not read some content which IE and Firefox reads. For example, if I log into my Mastercard account and look at my transaction history, Chrome will read the column headings like transaction date, posting date, description and the amount, but it then skips right over the actual transactions which visually are on the screen and which IE and Firefox has no problems reading and which it does so beautrifully using table navigation commands..

Pretty much everything else Chrome does very nicely and, as I said, very quickly and a few websites definitely work much better with Chrome than they do with IE.

I think that currently browsers are like a hammer or a saw for a carpenter, you have a few different ones in your toolbox and while you may have a favourite there are situations where another one is better.

Since IE is on all Windows computers anyways you just have to install Chrome and, if you want, Firefox, try them out and set whichever one you like best as your default and then use the others as needed. They won't interfere with each other so it definitely doesn't hurt to have them available.

If you use Windows 10 you also have Edge on your computer and if you are a Jaws user you will be able to try it out fairly soon, if you also use NVDA you can already use it although I think for most of us Chrome or IE is still much more familiar.





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Subject: Chrome questions


David, could you email me off-list and describe your experiences with Chrome? I’m on I.E., Win.7,  now, and wonder how far Chrome has come for screen-reader users; every so often, I see the little message about switching, but don’t know enough about the pros/cons. Thanks!



One can never consent to creep, when one feels an impulse to soar.
(Helen Keller)


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