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Shirley Tracy


That's what I'm running. It works fine. Actually, I just downloaded the latest JAWS 18 update, and it also works fine for me.

Shirley Tracy
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---- Mike Ulrich <mulrich@...> wrote:

Howdy all,

I recently purchased a copy of J 18.0 at the NFB National Convention in
Orlando Florida.

I'm currently running Windows 7, IE 11.0 with J 16.0.

My question, do you think J 18.0 will be OK with running with W 7?

I know I should probably update up to Windows 10, but I guess you could say
I'm a bit scared to. I've heard a few scary stories about people trying to
deal with J 18.0 with W 10?

So perhaps I should just download my new version of J 18.0, but don't
install it yet? Or do you think I can install it on my W 7?

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thanks much!......Mike

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