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I certainly wouldn't expect cassette tapes any more these days and apart from that installing Jaws is so easy that I really don't see the need for a tutorial. Stick the dVD in the drive and it will start up, you click next a few times and it's done. OK, maybe I am over-simplifying this a bit since you may have to select "Install Jaws" or whatever, the fact is I haven't installed Jaws from DVD in many many years and neither have I used the authorization CD. But certainly it can't be much more difficult than running the downloaded file, if I install on a new computer I always just select to authorize manually and then copy and paste the key into the edit field.
I guess if somebody doesn't know how to get started at all that tech support would be more than happy to walk them through the process over the phone. I am always surprised when a new version comes out that I still get the DVD in the mail.


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I should also add that my jaws package (either 7 or 8) is a tri-fold.
It has the main installation media, a disc with the RealSpeak 32-bit SAPI voices and the authorization CD (that latter is the only reason I kept the install sleeve all this time). It does not have a separate disc with instructions.

On 7/25/17, Soronel Haetir <> wrote:
It wouldn't surprise me if the main disc has that information now, I
am pretty sure it is a DVD now so space is no longer any sort of

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There is no way that all JAWS users are going to have the slightest
idea how to load the thing. Some will, some will not.

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Or, is it that they have improved the Jaws install process so special
instructions are no longer necessary?

AT least they still include some braille information.


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Hi listers:

I just obtained JAWS through my Voc Rehab office and was a little
surprised by the JAWS package.

They used to package with an instructional CD on how to install JAWS
(which is still downloadable from the Web site, complete with
cassette tone-indexing marks). In the package, I found a bifold
sleve containing the Program DVD and the Authorization CD, a couple
Braille sheets about the SMA, a large print document (which I assume
is the quick reference), and a Braille quick reference booklet. I
did not find any instructions on installing JAWS, unless it was in
the large print document I couldn’t read.
Of course, I am quite familiar with such procedures myself.

I guess, by now, they figure anyone who orders it knows how to
install it and doesn’t need any help. Or, are they falling down on the job?

Any thoughts.

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