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Soronel Haetir

I should also add that my jaws package (either 7 or 8) is a tri-fold.
It has the main installation media, a disc with the RealSpeak 32-bit
SAPI voices and the authorization CD (that latter is the only reason I
kept the install sleeve all this time). It does not have a separate
disc with instructions.

On 7/25/17, Soronel Haetir <> wrote:
It wouldn't surprise me if the main disc has that information now, I
am pretty sure it is a DVD now so space is no longer any sort of

On 7/25/17, Carolyn Arnold <> wrote:
There is no way that all JAWS users are going to have the slightest idea
to load the thing. Some will, some will not.

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Or, is it that they have improved the Jaws install process so special
instructions are no longer necessary?

AT least they still include some braille information.


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Hi listers:

I just obtained JAWS through my Voc Rehab office and was a little
by the JAWS package.

They used to package with an instructional CD on how to install JAWS
is still downloadable from the Web site, complete with cassette
tone-indexing marks). In the package, I found a bifold sleve containing
Program DVD and the Authorization CD, a couple Braille sheets about the
a large print document (which I assume is the quick reference), and a
Braille quick reference booklet. I did not find any instructions on
installing JAWS, unless it was in the large print document I couldn’t
Of course, I am quite familiar with such procedures myself.

I guess, by now, they figure anyone who orders it knows how to install it
and doesn’t need any help. Or, are they falling down on the job?

Any thoughts.

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