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Richard Holloway

I recall certain old IBM laptops (when they were still called IBM's) had a strange little dot about the size of a pencil diameter (maybe slightly less?) that stuck through the keyboard-- I want to say between the g and h keys. You pushed on that to navigate. I'm typically sighted and a huge GUI / trackpad / mouse user, and still found the thing entirely useless. They didn't physically move anywhere but the pressure of your finger made the curser zoom all over the place. (Think of a tiny non-moving joystick.) I wonder if that is the same thing. It was truly the worst pointing device I have ever used and as a bonus it was a rough fixed object to scrape your fingers on as you typed in the center of the keyboard. I just wanted to yank it out with pliers every time I had to use one of those computers.

On Nov 21, 2011, at 11:57 PM, Kimsan wrote:

A touch stick really? Where in the blue heck is the touch stick.

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You actually have both a touch pad and a touchsgick. I disabled both.
However it required someone going into the BIOS to do this.

Using the Control Panel would allow only one of the two to be disabled --
not both.

Dave Carlson
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I got this new del latitude machine. Does anyone know how to disable the
touch pad via a keystroke instead of the control panel route?

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