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Laura Richardson

Thank you both for your help ...... I now know the problem is not Jaws ...... Another one of those pesky web sites ......


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If it actually behaves like a radio button rather than a check-box there would have to be a second option and you will have to check that item. A radio button cannot be directly 'unchecked.

And note that depending on the program there might not actually be a second option available, I've seen programs where the alternatives are disabled due to other choices that have been made.

On 7/23/17, Tom Behler <tombehler@...> wrote:
As long as you are properly focused on the check-box item, I would
think it could be unchecked via the space bar.

Tom Behler

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Subject: Radio checkbox/Please help


Could somebody please tell me how to uncheck a radio checkbox?


Soronel Haetir

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