Re: Problem deleting files

Laura Richardson

I had pressed enter on the recycle bin ...... I went back to the recycle bin
but did not press enter as you suggested ...... I successfully found the
checkbox and fixed this problem ...... Thank you very much ......


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hmmm, sounds like you have pressed enter on the recycle ben and you have
selected a file there to open the properties of that file. you must find the
recycle ben on the desktop and at that point press alt plus enter. you
should then be able to tab to the checkbox you are looking for.

Legend has it that on Saturday 7/22/2017 02:05 PM, Laura Richardson said:

I went to the recycle bin, pressed alt + enter, and Jaws said I was on
the general page. The next step you give is to tab to the setting but
when I tab there are only three choices; restore, okay, and cancel. I
pressed escape and closed the recycle bin .. Not sure why this is and
what I need to do to get to that particular setting.


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Subject: Re: Problem deleting files

Hi, Laura. Part of your problem is because something is not set
correctly for the Recycle properties.

1. Find your Recycle Bin.
2. Press ALT plus ENTER to get into the properties of the Recycle Bin.
3. If you are in the General properties, which is what usually comes up
first, tab until you see the following setting:
Display delete confirmation dialog
4. Make sure this is checked with the SpaceBar.
5. Tab to Apply and Press Enter.
6. Tab to OK and press ENTER again.

That should get back the "Are you sure?" dialog you should get when
deleting a file.

The other problem is that JAWS is losing focus when you are trying to
delete the file, and you are on a "Cancel button. This could be for a
download in progress, or a Cancel button for the deletion itself.

Bill White

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Subject: Problem deleting files


Using a Dell laptop with Windows 10, Jaws 18, MS Word 2016 .. What I
describe below has been happening since I got this computer less than
two months ago.

Two different things are happening when I want to delete a file:
1. Sometimes when I press delete to get rid of a file Jaws says
nothing and I have to press alt
+ tab to get back to the documents and that file
is gone .. Jaws does not ask me if I'm sure I want to delete this file.
2. Sometimes when I press delete Jaws says "this will cancel all
transfers in progress" and tells me to press the space bar .. Whether I
press the space bar or not Jaws repeatedly tells me this message .. I
have to press alt + f4 several times to make this go away so I can alt
tab back to the documents at which point that file has been deleted.

There seems to be no rhyme or reason as to which scenario is going to
happen when I want to delete a file. Has anybody dealt with this
before? .. Is it possibly some kind of setting that's not set
correctly? .. I just want to press delete and have Jaws ask me if I'm
sure I want to delete as I've always done in the past.



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