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On a standard 101-key keyboard, its right pinky on Insert, Right thumb on Window key, Left pointer on F4.
...and I don't have overly large hands, so the spread is easy once the keys are located.
If learning these combinations is difficult, try applying tactile dots to the Windows and F4 keys.
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I usually reverse hands, press the insert/Jaws key with my left hand and use the right hand to press Windows + F4, after you do it a few times it becomes quite natural and easy.

One thing is that it can take quite long for Jaws to restart, I have seen it taking well over 30 seconds, usually I wait almost a minute and only if nothing happens I try other stuff. Interesting enough if I minimize all applications and then type “J” to go to the Jaws shortcut on my desktop Jaws sometimes starts up which means it apparently sometimes crashes and completely unloads in which case the Insert+Windows+F4 won’t work.


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I have big hands and that is a ackward combo! :) Nice to know though. :)
On 7/21/2017 8:57 PM, Bill White wrote:

Hi, Shannon. This key combination shuts down, restarts JAWS, and makes it possible to send an error report to Freedom Scientific.


Bill White



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What is that key combo for. It appears to do nothing and with the keyboard helper  on it doesn’t report that it would do anything?



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On Jul 20, 2017, at 4:44 PM, Don Moore <donmoore@...> wrote:

Hi Paul,


                Yes, I have raised this issue with VFO Technical support. They want me to get an error report for them; however, I cannot get an error report because my computer freezes when JAWS 18 crashes and I can do nothing except do a cold boot. This is very frustrating, as I have been using JAWS for Windows since JAWS 3.5.


                I am using the most up-to-date version of Windows 10.


                Have you raised this issue with VFO Technical support?




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Hello everybody. I'm experiencing the same issue with JAWS 18 and Windows 10. Repairing JAWS 18 didn't resolve the issue. Don, have you raised this issue with VFO Technical support? What version of Windows 10 are you running?


On Jul 16, 2017, at 7:29 PM, Jason White via Groups.Io <jason@...> wrote:

Did you try running a JAWS repair (on version 18)? This procedure fixed JAWS crashes I was encountering earlier this year. I’m still experiencing crashes, but they seem to be related to very specific situations.


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Subject: My problem with latest update


Hi List,


                Actually, I have been having this same problem with the last 4 updates. When I am using JAWS 18 on my Windows 10 machine, it will work fine for a while; however, JAWS suddenly crashes without notice. It always happens when I am using Microsoft software, including Outlook 2013, Word 2013 and Internet Explorer 11.


                The problem first occurred in the early versions of JAWS 18, then it was fixed in a few builds, then it started occurring again around January or February. The latest update worked fine for about 2 hours, so I thought they had it fixed again, but then it crashed.


                When JAWS 18 crashes, I cannot seem to generate an error report and other screen readers won’t work properly either, so I have to turn off my PC and turn it on again with the on/off button.


                JAWS 17 works fine all the time, so I am unloading JAWS 18 and launching JAWS 17 until I can get this fix.


                Any help will be appreciated.


                Thanks in advance,




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