Turning off "mouse over"


Last week several list members engaged in a discussion to determine the best
route to reach controls to turn off "mouse over" in the Jaws13 settings
To date, the following list of steps are the result.

1. With Browser focused, press Insert plus 6 for the settings center. If you
wish to make the change global, press shift-control-d.
2. Arrow down to Sounds Schemes.
3. Right arrow and continue down to "Modify schemes" and press the spacebar.
4. Tab to "edit Selected scheme" and press the spacebar. JAWS will place
focus on the current scheme, but you can arrow up or down to select another.
5. Shift tab, then right arrow to "HTML"; then tab once to "elements list."
JAWS may or may not verbalize "elements." If not, it will speak the name of
the element where focus lands.
6. Type the letter o, then press alt I to reach "ignore" radio button. This
will not force the change until you follow the next steps:
7. Tab to "okay" button and press the spacebar.
8. Tab to "save selected scheme" button and press the spacebar.
9. Close the settings center with alt f4; If a dialog appears asking if you
wish to save changes, choose "yes".

Lois Goodine, and others

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