Re: Fax by email service client MyFax with JFW18 & Win7

Robert Cole

I used to use a service called Fax A Way.
You start by funding your account with $10.
They charged a monthly service fee of $1.00.
This fee was deducted from your $10 balance. also every fax that you send will be deducted from your balance.
if I remember correctly, faxes  in the US, are about 11 cents per page sent.
When your balance reaches $0, you can manually or automatically add another $10 or more.


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Hi Guys,

these are the two I use. You sign up on line.
They are pretty much straitght forward in setting up and using.
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Where can a person get this email to fax client program MyFax? Can you
download it off the net? or do you pick it up at Walmart or Staples? Lastly,
does this program MyFax have a free trial period to try it out? and do I
need to download particular jaws scripts to make it posible for Jaws 18 to
work very well and easily with this program MyFax? Any help I can maybe get
with this would be so very much appreciated. Much thanks in advance for any
help anyone can maybe give me with this.

All the best,
Jaws 18, Windows 7 user,


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MyFax does not, in fact, offer a free option. Strictly pay to play.

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I have the paid Myfax service (not sure if they offer anything for free),
but with it I never even go to a website, it's all done by email. If I want
to send a fax I simply send an email to the FaxNumber@... and attach
any files I want, they can be text files, Word or Excel files, PDF files,
pictures etc. You can put a name or recipient into the Subject field and
then just send the email. Anything you write into the email body field is
sent as a separate page.
Incoming faxes are received by email as well and the fax is a PDF attachment
as James already pointed out.


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Subject: Re: Fax by email services?

I use MyFax, personally, and find it quite useable. The website's very
accessible. Of course, you'll need some kind of OCR ability if you intend to
receive faxes, as like most companies they send them to you as PDF images,
but other than that it's perfect.

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Subject: Fax by email services?

Hi all - I'm in need of a fax-by-email service and am wondering which are
compatible with JAWS.

Now, you might think, as I did, that the interface to the service would be
through email, so it would be as accessible (or not accessible ha ha) as MS
Outlook or whatever email client one uses. But, I started looking into eFax
just as one example, and it talked about their "friendly and easy to use web
interface", which immediately made me worry that the web interface might not
be accessible, because, as we all know, "friendly web interfaces" are all
too often NOT accessible at all.

Okay, I'll stop being bitter now and summarize my question:

Which fax-by-email services are people using, and has JAWS presented any
problem or are they pretty easy to use?


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