Re: Broken Quick Settings

Joni Colver <earlybird@...>

Dave, I downloaded version 13.0.527 from the FS website. Anyone who does
not get the error message I posted more than likely already has MSXML 6
installed on their computer. In looking back at Ted's original message he
did note there was an error to do with MSXML 6. It could also explain why
one of his computers works fine with Quick Settings and the other one brings
up the error.

I did not see the error message until today when I attempted to open the
Quick Settings while in Internet Explorer. If I had seen the message
yesterday when I could not make Research It work, I would have searched for
the missing file then, but installing the file today apparently made
Research It work also.


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Ted and Joni,

Just curious. Can each of you answer whether you installed JAWS 13 from a
DVD or the downloaded executable from FS, - or - did you accept it as an
update? I'm just wondering since I had nothing like this happen with my

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