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I worked in a hospital, had three scissor headsets put together with tapes - one for my screen reader (Vocal Eyes back then) one headset for my main Dictaphone machine and one for a little cassette recorder we used for x-ray reports.

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This is a good discussion. I worked in a call center, and I had to listen to JAWS in one ear, the person on the phone in my second ear, and my boss yelling at me with my third ear LOL!

Wow, go figure LOL!

David Moore

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That is an unreasonable requirement. Not many people can follow too

audio sources at the same time... Not to mention the potential conflicts

that running 2 screen readers simultaneously may cause.

Who is in charge of your AT needs?

On 7/19/2017 10:37 AM, Nancy B. Gibson wrote:

The system is called Revation Communicator. I think it's proprietary.
From what I gather, JAWS is there to read the database and follow my lead of what I need to look up or read on the computer. Narrator is following the phone/chat system in real time and advising me of what's going on. Ultimately, I'm supposed to keep track of 2 conversations/audio sources simultaneously -- like multi-tasking but I don't multi-task well that way.
Thanks for the input.
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This sounds like an issue for the IT department.There are so many
variables with a system like that.
What phone system is it? Is it proprietary?
Does it speak or does Jaws?
If Jaws is reading the chat window then speech history will have the
message. insert + spacebar then h.
Generally you dont want two screen readers running at the same time.
On 7/19/2017 9:59 AM, Nancy B. Gibson wrote:
Hi List,
We're starting to use a phone system at work that includes chat capability. I'm new to Windows 10 and to JAWS so struggling a little to keep up.
Since apparently I'm supposed to be able to listen to JAWS and the TTS at the same time, if I'm focusing on JAWS when a chat message comes in and is spoken by the TTS, is there a way to have the message reread so I can hear what I missed the first time?
Are there any command conflicts between JAWS and Narrator if they have to both run at the same time?
Hope that makes sense.

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