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Hi Cindy,

I thought you had another version of Jaws on your computer. If I missed
something, I'm sorry. You can try 2 things;
1. Press the Windows Key + M, to go to the Desktop, then press the letter J,
for Jaws & press enter. This is hoping you have nothing else on your
desktop starting with the letter J!

2. Press the windows key + R, for the run dialogue box. Now, type, jaws13,
without spaces or commas, & press enter.
Hope this helps. Take care.

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I understand this. But, without speech, how do I know where I am?
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Cindy, Rob answered how to get JAWS running again. To have JAWS start when
the system boots up, go to JAWS options, either with insert-j or, if that
doesn't work, the JAWS application window. Press enter on basic, then tab
through for this and any other basic settings you want.

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OK, I restarted my Net Book and the installation continued and went very
quickly, this time.

After installing JAWS 13, I uninstalled JAWS 11, but left shared files and
settings. I restarted the computer after the installation was complete,
JAWS 13 does not start automatically. I thought it would. I don't have a
shortcut key set to start it, yet. So, what's the easiest way to start
13 after the computer starts?


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